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Baby Calamari R119

Sautéed with butter, garlic, chilli and pastis


Lamb Kidneys  R99

Grilled lamb kidneys with onion and rosemary 

served on a bed of mash with bacon bits


Tempura Prawn R119

Tempura prawn with trio sauces, 

sweet chilli, balsamic reduction and pimiento sauce


Escargot R99

Snails served with garlic butter or garlic cheese sauce


Melanzane Parmigiano (V) R89

Layers of aubergine, tomato sauce, mozzarella and finished with parmesan cheese


Steak Tartare R129

Served with chips and bread 


Carpaccio of the Day R99

Served with orange dressing and caramelized nuts


Bouillabaisse R129

Classical French seafood soup with prawns, hake and mussels


Ravioli Epinards (V) R89

Homemade pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese cooked in a creamy sauce




Waldorf Salade with Duck R135

Garden greens topped with red onions, caramelized nuts, 

charred apples and brie cheese


Pear & Roquefort Salade R99

Poached pear, Roquefort cheese laid on a bed of greens


Salmon Salade  R149

Fresh greens, smoked Norwegian salmon 

served with cream cheese, capers and avocado,

garnished with caviar







Fillet R199

Beef fillet topped with a delicate garlic snail sauce


Mignon on Boite R205

Medallions of fillet served with a brandy, mustard and mushroom sauce


Camembert and Cranberry fillet R205

A soft and tender fillet topped with a Camembert and cranberry sauce


Rump Roquefort R199

Rump steak served with creamy Roquefort sauce


Pork Belly Roulade R195

Roasted pork belly, rolled with duck and chicken on mash and veggies, served with apple sauce


Rib-eye R199

Tender 300g  rib-eye steak with classic French pepper sauce and pomme de terre served with roasted veggies


Lamb Shank R215

Slow-cooked lamb shank with red wine and rosemary served with beef jus


Camembert and Cranberry fillet R189

A soft and tender fillet topped with a Camembert and cranberry sauce


Oxtail R220

450g Oxtail slow-cooked with red wine, mushrooms, onions and carrots served with mash and veggies


Poulet et le Canard


Pan-Seared Duck Breast R195

Served on a bed of creamed lentils and topped with a Cumberland sauce


Duck Confit R190

Leg and thigh served on a bed of lentils and topped with Cumberland sauce


Cassoulet et Baguette R135

Duck, bacon, French lamb sausage and a white bean stew served with baguette


Coq au vin R179

Chicken on the bone braised in red wine with mushrooms, bacon, onion and thyme




Fish Provencale R215

Delicate white wine sauce with cherry tomatoes, onions, olive oil and olives


Crevettes Grattior R 199

Prawns sautéed in spices, beer, garlic, ginger and paprika served with garlic butter and chilli sauce


Kingklip R229

Grilled kingklip with a dash of cream, prawns and parmesan


Prawn and Chicken Curry R185

Cooked in coconut cream, mango and aromatic curry spice served with basmati rice


Norwegian Salmon  R225

Fresh Norwegian Salmon fillet  on a bed of veggies

served with a choice of sweet-chilli orange sauce or hollandaise sauce


Sole a’ la Créme  R199

Pan-fried West Coast Sole cooked with a sauvignon blanc lemon cream sauce and parsley


Seared Tuna  R225

Seared tuna fillet with sweetcorn salsa, pickled beetroot, pickled ginger, roasted veggies and soya sauce




Tiramisu R69


Peppermint-crisp Tart R60


Cheese Cake R60


Crème Brule R69


Pannacotta  R69


Chocolate MouSse  R60


Dom Pedro R45

Kahlua . Peppermint . Whiskey . Amarula

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