Level Three Menu

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Pulled Duck - R99
Pulled duck with red cabbage coleslaw and sweet barbeque sauce on a fresh baguette


Petit Dejeuner - R85
Fried eggs, grilled tomato, bacon, mushrooms and fresh baguette


Oeufs Benedict - R89
Poached eggs, bacon served on a croissant smothered in hollandaise sauce


Oeufs Saumon - R110
Poached eggs, smoked salmon served on a croissant topped with hollandaise sauce


Croque Madame - R99
Bacon, emmenthaler cheese and bechamel sauce on a croissant baked in the oven topped with fried eggs.


Flapjacks - R75
Freshly baked flapjacks topped with bacon and marple syrup


French Toast - R75
Croissant French toast topped with brie and bacon


Oeufs Brouilles Au Saumon Fume - R89
Scrambled eggs, served with smoked salmon on rye bread


Petit Cassoulet - R 99
Duck, bacon, lamb sausage cooked in a white-bean stew served with fresh baguette


Ravioli (V) - R 89
Home-made ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese served with a creamy sauce


Escargots - R 99
Snails served with garlic butter or garlic cheese sauce


Carpaccio - R 99
Thinly sliced carpaccio served with caramelized nuts and orange dressing


Tempura Prawns - R 119
Fried tempura prawns served with sweet-chilli and balsamic reduction


Bouillabase - R 125
Classical French sea-food soup with prawns, hake and mussels


Melanzane ala Parmagiano (V) - R 89
Aubergine, tomato sauce and mozzarella finished off with parmesan cheese


Baby calamari - R 110
Sautéed calamari with garlic, butter, chilli and pastis



Salmon Salade - R 145
Fresh greens, smoked salmon served with crème cheese cocktail tomato and home-made dressing.


Woldorf Salade - R 145
Garden greens topped with duck strips, red onions, caramelized nuts, charred apples and brie cheese


Pear & Roquefort Salade - R 89
Poached pears in red wine with Roquefort cheese crumbs on fresh greens topped with home-made dressing


Nicoise Salade - R 110
Fresh greens with tuna, boiled egg and sauteed potatoes topped with home-made dressing


Plat Principal


Entrecote Sauce Au Poivre - R 185
Sirloin 300g served with pepper sauce with veggies and mashed potato


Lamb Shank - R 245
Slow cooked 600g lamb shank with rosemary, beef stock, carrots, green beans and red wine


Beef Fillet - R 195
200g beef fillet served with mushroom, mustard and brandy sauce


Oxtail - R 220
350g oxtail cooked with mushrooms, rosemary and red wine served with mash and veggies




Duck Confit - R 190
Leg and thigh served with on a bed of creamed lentils with orange Cumberland sauce


Duck Breast - R 195
Pan seared duck breast on a bed of creamed lentils topped with orange Cumberland sauce


Cassoulet - R 169
Duck, bacon, lamb sausage cooked in a white-bean stew served with fresh baguette


Half Chicken - R 155
Baby chicken cooked to perfection with lemon and herb sauce served with roasted veggies




Norwegian Salmon - R 229
225g seared salmon fillet with sweet-chilli orange sauce


Kingklip - R 225
Kingklip fillet fried and baked with cream, shrimp, parmesan and parsley


Sole ala Crème - R 225
Grilled sole cooked with sauvignon blanc, lemon and cream served with vegetables


Crevettes - R 199
8 prawns cooked in spices with ginger, garlic and paprika served with risotto and chilli sauce



Tiramisu - R 60
Peppermint Crisp Tart - R 60
Cream Brulee’ - R 69
Pannacotta - R 60